Strategic roadmap

Development plan 2017-2019

The CEB’s new three-year strategy brings renewed impetus to the Bank’s social mission

In December 2016, the CEB’s Governing Board adopted the Bank’s new Development Plan for 2017-2019. Taking into account the numerous challenges with which Europe and CEB member countries are currently confronted, the new Development Plan aims to enhance the Bank’s effectiveness in response to the needs of its members while also reaffirming the institution’s relevance in a fast-changing environment.

The new Plan is a roadmap for action during the next three years and will enable the CEB to build on its strong performance and increase efficiency in order to continue to give full support to the social policies of our members.

In the new Plan, the focus is put on promoting sustainable and inclusive growth in key CEB activity areas, including public infrastructure, job creation and preservation, and assistance to vulnerable groups. Particular attention is given to providing access to housing and the labour market as a way of facilitating the social integration of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons. Gender inequality will also be addressed by the Bank as a cross-cutting structural theme and will be considered within the framework of the social aspects of all the projects it finances.

In addition, the new Plan ensures that the CEB plays its part in global efforts to protect the environment through climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

The Plan foresees the further strengthening of cooperation between the CEB and its partners, enhancing the quality and social added value of the projects financed, and ensuring the sustainability of financing through the use of innovative instruments.

To align its policies with the new strategic framework, the CEB has approved a revised Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy, which is closely related to the new Development Plan and will be part of its implementation.

The Loan and Project Financing Policy, which defines the basic conditions for the selection and implementation of projects funded by the CEB, has been amended to reflect the three new strategic priorities for the CEB: sustainable and inclusive growth; integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants; and climate change action – developing mitigation and adaptation measures. The policy introduces cross-sectoral loans, a new financial instrument to help the Bank adapt to funding increasingly complex projects spanning different but inter-related fields.