High-level events

The challenges brought on by the refugee crisis have shown the potential for synergies between the CEB’s practical experience in funding integration projects over the past six decades and the OECD’s expertise in comparative analysis and policy advice in the field of migration. In 2016, the two institutions jointly organised a high-level seminar on “The Refugee Crisis: Challenges and Responses for Social Investment” at the CEB’s headquarters in Paris. Meeting on the sidelines of this joint event, CEB Governor Rolf Wenzel and OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría expressed their intention to enhance the collaboration between the two organisations.

To mark its 60th anniversary, the CEB also brought together world-renowned economists, policymakers and academics to discuss ways of ensuring that Europe’s social and economic model remains sustainable. The conference entitled “Challenges to More Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Europe” attracted more than 150 participants. The French Minister for the Economy and Finance, Michel Sapin, delivered the closing address in which he emphasised the relevance of the CEB’s work in the service of European cooperation and solidarity through concrete projects and answers to the concerns of European citizens.